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Your dealer of ammunition, reloading machines and accessories STROBL.CZ is delivering you goods from the LEE PRECISION company.

Reloading presses, reloading dies and other LEE PRECISION products are ideal compromise between power, quality and price.

The most important products from this company are:



New Arrivals

Again, we have stocked the latest and greatest reloading and shooting equipment.

Among these goods you may find:

And the best news - we are now importing original Smith&Wesson gear! Stay tuned!

Barrel after chemical cleaning - exhibition Natura Viva 2017

Dear customers, dear friends,
For your information, we have a shot of a weapon that was chemically cleaned during the Viva Natura 2017 exhibition. The cleaning was done by IOSSO and SchleTek products.
The test was shot at shooting range in Jindřichův Hradec 30.5.2017.
Weapon Tikka T3 Hunter .300 Win Mag.
Sierra GameKing 200grs, OAL 84,5mm, Vectan SP11 61grs, Target distance 85m.
Measured shot group 7,3mm.

Shooting team

New photos from competition.